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When asked by her former students, "What is the difference between being an artist versus a designer," she identified designers as problem solvers whose media are visual. It is with that spirit that she imbues all of her work from 2-D visual art to 3-D experiential design.

Instead of designing a space in a world,I aspire to create a world in a space.

Tiffani is a Washington, DC native, and from a young age, was fascinated by the places and spaces around her and enjoyed analyzing them with the aspiration to create. Steering away from her initial aspiration to study architecture, as a young designer she decided that instead of creating a space in this world, she would rather create a world in a space.  This was the foundation of her becoming a designer in both the two and three-dimensional realms, as a graphic and a production designer.


She holds a BA in both Art History and Studio Art from the University of Maryland at College Park; additionally, she holds a MFA in Production Design and a Graduate Certificate in Exhibit Design from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


After several years working in commercial merchandising, she then dedicated over 6 years teaching advanced and college-level art courses, from advanced drawing and painting to graphic design. Embracing the idea of “those who can do, and those who can’t teach” she left her teaching career to complete her studies and design full-time.


Professionally, she has been a collaborator with the local churches, designing scenery and graphics for many of their large productions and installations, as well as work with local production companies.  Additionally, she has executed the branding for several small local businesses. Her passion for design and creativity extends into her own life in home renovation, crafting and baking.

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